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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cara penjagaan cloth diaper

Everything you need to know about how to care for your cloth diapers

Before you START to use your cloth diaper

1. Please pre wash your cloth diaper for 2 times before use.

2. Wash your diaper in normal water with washing machine with half of detergent recommended. (cloth diaper don’t need too much detergent)

3. Dry your diaper outside on a clothesline where best with sun contact.

4. If you are hand washing it, please rinse with more water.

5. Please ensure NO Bleach & NO Softeners.

How to WASH your Cloth Diaper?

1. Remove the inserts from the pocket before washing.

2. Fold back your laundry tabs (for velcro) on the diaper. This is to avoid the diaper to be tangled during the washing process.

3. Throw everything into the washing machine!
4. Ensure the water level can completely cover the diaper and only use half of the soap powder that is recommended.
(You can also use TOP detergen or Pureen H-A-D laundry powder)

5. If you are washing with hands, please use a second rinse to ensure all of the detergent is rinsed out. (Do not use hard bristle brush, just rub gently with hand)

6. Dry your diaper in outside where there is sun. The sun will bleach away your stains naturally.

How to STORE your dirty Cloth Diaper?

1. All you need is a diaper pail or wet bag or a combination.

2. Simply dump any solid poop into toilet and flush away the residual.

3. Squirt some soap powder (if needed) on the dirty poop area.

4. Rinse off the soap after a while.

5. Store dirty diaper in a wet pail filled with water.

6. Wait till the end of the day and dump all the diaper & inserts into the washing machine.

7. For breastfeed baby, you don’t need to brush the suede.It will come off after you wash it in the machine.

Wet Pail And Dry Pail Methods

There are 3 basic methods for storing wet and soiled cloth diapers, wet pail, dry pail and wet/dry pail.

• Dry pail. All cloth diapers are placed in a covered pail.
• Wet pail. All cloth diapers are placed in a pail half filled with water.

Make sure this pail is covered to prevent infant drowning.

How to perform STRIP Washing?

1. Build up refers to residue left by detergents, fabric softeners and other substances used to clean diapers. It may cause your diaper to be non absorbent and leak.

2. Stripping refers to the removal of residue on diapers.

3. To strip diapers, simply hand wash your diaper with your regular dish soap (gets the oils out), add a bit of dish soap to the fleece/suede.

4. Or you can either rub the fleece vigorously together or use a medium bristle dish brush or hard bristle tooth brush to scrub the fleece.

5. Turn inside out and repeat on this side.

6. Rinse very good, making sure that the water runs clear.

7. Toss to washing machine and wash it without detergent.

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